Retired professor Włodzimierz KOROHODA, PhD

Room no. C126
tel. no. (12)664 6125


retired professor

1959 – MSc
1963 – PhD
1971 – habilitation
1979 – Professor title
All degrees were awarded by the Jagiellonian University

Scientific Internship and Awards »

1. Member of the Polish Academy of Learning (1991 correspondent, 1994 active member)
2. Member of editorial councils of journals and scientific councils (The Institute of Experimental Biology of M. Nencki 1971-1991; the Institute of Biochemistry, Biophysics of the Polish Academy of Sciences, and other)
3. Since 1972 – a member of the Cytobiology Committee (in 1990-1996 the chairman, since 2007 an honourable member and chairman) since 1978 – member of the Cell and Mollecular Pathology Committee at the Polish Academy of Sciences
4. The President of the Polish Society of Cell Biology (1999-2002) since 2002 – a vice-president, since 2011 – member of the management board, honourable member
5. Laurel of the Jagiellonian University 2002

Scientific trips abroad:

1. August-September 1958. London and Cambridge, exchange of graduates of the Jagiellonian University and Cambridge University organized by the Academic Sport Association of the Jagiellonian University.
2. October 1965 – September 1966, London, post-doctoral internship at the Cancer Research Chester Beaty Institute, London, supervised by Professor EJ Ambrose, Lectures: 1-2 April 1966, London: W.Korohoda, JA Forrester, D. Gingell, L.Wolpert, EJ Ambrose: Sudies on the adsoption of polylylysine onto the surfach of the Naegleria gruberiii: Physico-chemical and behavioural effects." II Annual Meeting of the British Soc. For Cell Biology. Lectures in Cambridge (invited by Professor Willmer and Professor Hodgin) and at the Cancer Research Chester Beaty Institute.
3. 5-9 September 1966. II. International Congress of Biophysics in Vien, lecture: Cell surfach structure and its relation to properties of the cell membrane". (authors: EJ Ambrose, JA Forrester, W. Korohoda).
4. 25-26 May 1971. Bucharest, Romania, I National Conference of Biophysics. Lecture: Coupling of cellular motile and metabolic activity in chick embryo fibroblasts. ( Invited by organizers, Leahu Vasilescu).
5. December 1967, 10 days, Lecture at the University in Liege, Belgium, Current ideas on dynamic properties of biological membranes.
6. 1968. Warsaw, 50th anniversary of founding Nencki Institute, two lectures during international symposium.
7. 13-7 August, 1971 Cracow. Motile systems of cells. 3 papers. Chairman of the Session, co-organization (Professor S. Dryl; J. Zurzycki, associate professor L. Kuźnicki)
8. 2-9 September 1973. IV International Prothozoological Congress in Clermont-Ferrnad, France, paper (authors w. Korohoda, W. Stockem), leading the Round Table Discussion,
9. 1972 Gotha, Germany, paper during the meeting of COMECON,
10. 1972. The International Symposium in Ustroń near Wisła (oncological, paper),
11. 1972 -1973 a one-year scientific internship at the University in Bonn, a scholarship of Alexander von Humboldt Fund, lecture in the Institute of Cytology of the University.
12. 5-15 September 1979. Lectures in Berlin Buch and Jen, Germany, invited by the German Academy of Sciences. Cell surfach and cellular contact reactions.
13.26 June – 2 July 1977, New York, The International Congress of Protozoology, report: The role of the cortical cytoplazm and nucleus In locomotion of Ameba proteus Chairing of the section session
14. 31 August – 5 September 1980. Second International Congress on Cell Biology. Poster, electrophoresis,
15. 29 May -5 June 1981, 14th jubilee meeting of COMECON in Puszczino on Oka River, biophysical problems
16. 23-28 November 1981, 3rd International Symposium “Biophysics of Cell Surfach”, Arendsee/Altmark, NRD, paper and poster Cellular metabolism and cell contact reactions".
17. 1978, Warsaw, 7th International Protozoological Congress, lecture I poster ( with J. Cieslak)
18. 1-9 September 1986. Berlin-Buch, Germany, lecture: " Changes in surfach properties of EAT cells induced by modification of cell nutrition and metabolism, during the symposium: Immunological and biochemical aspects of malignant transformation and growth.
19. July 1982, Paris, France, I European Congress of Cell Biology.
20. 1982. Visiting professor March-October 1982 at the University in Bonn, Lectures for second-year students and seminars,
21. November 1984. 2 weeks at Padva University, lecture, exchange with the Jagiellonian University,
22. November 1984, 4 days Frankfurt am Main, lecture at the invitation of J. Bereiter-Hahn
23. 21-29 May 1986. ST Andrews University (ASG Curtis) and London (L.Wolpert and D. Ginbgell - - Middlesex Med. SCi). ), Lecture: "Modification of cancer cell surfach properties by changes in cellular metabolism". Hosts: Professor Thompson and Clarck).
24. 1989, visiting professor at the University in Frankfurt am Main (J. Bereiter-Hahn), June-July, 3 months, summer trimester, Germany
25. 1991 June-July, 3 months, summer trimester, visiting professor at the University in Frankfurt am Main, Germany
26. 1995, Heindelberg, Congress of the European Cell Biology Organization, a poster with Z. Madeja.
27. September 1996, Hradec Kralowe, lecture during symposium,
28. September 2000 Hradec Kralowe, a lecture during a symposium
29. 2000 Berno, Switzerland, lecture during a 8-day farewell symposium of Hansuli Keller,
30. 2001. Gordon Conference on Bioelectrochemistry near Boston, lecture, 10 days, USA,
31. 2000. December, 10 days, Stockholm, Karolinska Institute, a lecture by invitation
32. 2005, Poitieur, the World Congress of Cell and Molecular Biology, Lecture and chairing the section, J. Pollack organizer, France,
33. 2007 near Chamonia France, Gordon Conference on Bioelectrochemistry.

Scientific Interests »

  • Control of cell growth and differentiation of cells.
  • The role of cell mucus in growth control, differentiation and cell migration. Control of cytoplasm flow and motility in ameba and plasmodiums of slime moulds.
  • Induction of pseudopodiums and electrotaxis in animal and Protista cells.
  • Dynamic properties of cell mucus and cytoskeleton.
  • Electrochemistry of cell surface.
  • Culture of human cells and their use in the cell engineering and transplantology.
  • Present interests concern:

Cells (within the cell lines), separation of cells into clear subpopulations and cell cloning, Moreover, research on the impact of electrical fields on cells in reversible and irreversible electroporation. Studies are carried out on various regular and neoplastic animal and human cells.


Teaching »

Promoter of 21 completed doctoral thesis, one is still open:
1. Kalisz-Nowak Barbara, January 1977. Reviewers: Professor Andrzej Grębecki, Professor Leszek Kuźnicki
2. Cieślak (Stanisz) Jolanta, defence on 18 October 1977. Reviewers: Professor J. Doroszewski, Professor Jan Zurzycki, Partial restatement of contact reaction in Ehrlich ascites tumor.
3. Łabanowski Jan, defence in March 1980. Reviewers: Professor  Maria Sarnecka-Keller, Professor Stanisław Przestalski, docent Zdzisław Żak MD, Research on the possibility of application of column electrophoresis in the density gradient to heterogenic separation of cell populations and subcell fractions.
4. Michalik (Auriga) Marta, defence on 19 September 1980. Reviewers: Professor Lech Wojtczak, Professor Aleksander Koj. Analysis of conditions which enable application of free electrophoresis to preparative separation of cells and sub-cell fractions.
5. Kajstura Jan, defence on 14 December 1981. Reviewers:  Professor Jan Doroszewski, Professor Jan Zurzycki, Professor Stanisława Stokłosa, studies on the factors that precondition differentiation of chicken embryonic myoblasts in in vitro culture in defined conditions.
7. Pietrzkowski Zbigniew, defence on 21 October 1988. Reviewers: Professor Jan Doroszewski, Docent Andrzej Klein. Studies on factors ensuring growth of correct chicken embryonic cells in defined mediums.
8. Wójciak (Stothard) Beata, defence on 13 January 1991.  Reviewers Professor Jerzy Kawiak, docent Andrzej Klein. Investigation of changes in cells of selected ascites tumours in contact with embryonic cells in in vitro culture.
9. Kuternozińska Wiesława, defence on 28 May 1991. Reviewers: Professor Maria Olszewska, Professor Stanisława Więckowski, Stimulation of differentiation processes in in vitro cultures of plant callus.
10. Czyż Jarosław, defence on 9 December 1996. Reviewers: Professor Jan Doroszewski, Professor Andrzej Klein. Impact of intracellular stresses and contact of chicken embryo fibroblasts on organization of their cytoskeleton and proliferative activity.
11. Pierzchalska Małgorzata, defence on 25 October 1997. Reviewers: Professor Barbara Bilińska, Docent Lucyna Grębecka, Studies on the impact of local anaesthetics on human skin fibroblasts in culture.
12.  Sroka Jolanta, defence on 25 January 1999. Reviewers: Professor Andrzej Grębecki, Professor Juliusz Pryjma. Diversity of chemotactic reactions of Dictyosteium discoideum.
13. Drukała Justyna, defence on 15 March 1999. Reviewers: Professor Stanisław Moskalewski, Professor Andrzej Klein. Selectivity of action of selected anti-tumour medicines on human keratinocytes and melanoma cells HTB 140.
14. Stępień Ewa, defence on 30 November 1999.  Reviewers: Professor Józef Kałuża, Professor Leszek Kaczmarek. Factors that precondition the directed growth of neural cells in vitro.
15. Mycielska Maria, defence on 28 March 2000.  Reviewers: Docent. Lucyna Grębecka, Professor Andrzej Klein. Research on mechanisms of electrotaxis of Ameba proteus cells and differences in the electrotaxic reaction between cell lines of prostate cancer which differ with ability to create metastasis.
16. Jurkiewicz Anna, defence on 18 December 2000. Reviewers: Professor Jan Doroszewski, Professor Juliusz Pryjma, Impact of heart damage and selected medicines on cramp frequency of cardiomyocytes investigated with image cytometry method.
17. Bandura Laura, defence in December 2003. Reviewers: Professor Przemysław Janik, Professor Andrzej Klein.
18. Wilk Anna, defence on 9 May 2008. Reviewers: Professor Grzegorz Bartosz, Professor Andrzej Klein.  Horizontal cell electropheresis in isopynic conditions.
19. Waligórska (Zarek) Agnieszka, defence in June 2008. Reviewers: Docent M. Kłopocka, Professor Andrzej Klein. Experimental modification of motility of Dictyostelium discoideum cells and impact on recognition of chemoattractants.
20. Krzysiek-Mączka Graciana, defence on 14 October 2008. Reviewers: Professor Ewa Przyboś, Professor Zbigniew Madeja. The effect of surface anisotropy on cell division orientation indicating contact guidance
21. Urbańska Katarzyna, co -promoter Professor Krzysztof Reiss, defence on 10 February 2009. Reviewers: Professor Jerzy Kawiak, Professor Andrzej Klein. Impact of signal transduction blocking of the receptor for insulin-like growth factor 1 on embryonic meduloblastoma progression.
A reviewer of more than eighty cases of registration and conferment procedure for the professor, habilitation and doctoral degree.

Selected Publications »

  1. Korohoda W, Madeja Z, Sroka J. Diverse chemotactic responses of Dictyostelium discoideum amoebae in the developing (temporal) and stationary (spatial) concentration gradients of folic acid, cAMP, Ca(2+) and Mg(2+). Cell Motil Cytoskeleton. 2002 Sep;53(1):1-25
  2. Djamgoz MBA, Mycielska M, Madeja Z, Fraser SP, Korohoda W. Directional movement of rat prostate cancer cells in direct-current electric field: involvement of voltagegated Na+ channel activity. J Cell Sci. 2001 Jul;114(Pt 14):2697-705
  3. Korohoda W, Mycielska M, Janda E, Madeja Z. Immediate and long-term galvanotactic responses of Amoeba proteus to dc electric fields. Cell Motil Cytoskeleton. 2000 Jan;45(1):10-26
  4. Korohoda W, Madeja Z. Contact of sarcoma cells with aligned fibroblasts accelerates their displacement: computer-assisted analysis of tumour cell locomotion in co-culture. Biochem Cell Biol. 1997;75(3):263-76
  5. Korohoda W, Golda J, Sroka J, Wojnarowicz A, Jochym P, Madeja Z. Chemotaxis of Amoeba proteus in the developing pH gradient within a pocket like chamber studied with the computer assisted method.Cell Motil Cytoskeleton. 1997;38(1):38-53