Elzbieta KARNAS, MSc

room no. C125
tel. no. (12) 664 6147
e-mail: e.karnas@uj.edu.pl

Independent biologist

Doctoral student (supervisor: Ewa Zuba-Surma, PhD)

2011 – MSc in Biotechnology
degree awarded by the Jagiellonian University

Scientific Internships and Awards »

  • Elżbieta Kamycka, Irena Horwacik, Ewa Skotnicka, Hanna Rokita “The GD2-specific monoclonal antibodies decrease attachment of IMR-32 human neuroblastoma cells to extracellular matrix proteins and modulate intracellular protein phosphorylation”, poster at the Second Congress of Biochemistry and Cell Biology in Krakow, 2011


Scientific Interests »

  • Stem cell markers including in particular VSELs cells
  • Application of stem cells in medicine
  • Bioactive microfragments from stem cells as a new tool in tissue regeneration

Selected publications »

  1. Wojakowski, W.; Zuba-Surma, E. K.; Syzdol, M.; Kamycka, E.; Kowalowka, A.; Kargul, T.; Drukala, J.; Bachowski, R.; Wos, S.; Ratajczak, M. Characterization of Oct-4+SSEA-4+very small embryonic-like stem cells in human myocardium. EUROPEAN HEART JOURNAL  Volume: 33   Supplement: 1 Pages: 436-436